Value for you as individual learner

Within the agrifood sector learning tends occur through short-term learning experiences and lifelong learning takes place in the workplace setting.

For employees and job seekers it is often challenging to prove development in innovation and entrepreneurship skills during this career progression especially when gained through informal or non-formal learning pathways.

The explicit articulation innovation, entrepreneurship and deep tech skills with the EIT Food Competency Framework enables skills to be evidenced which are typically difficult to describe. Having a platform from which to demonstrate these advances enhances a learner’s employability and allows for a recognition of a career in innovation.

Responding to the EU’s micro-credential framework to allow recognition of short-term learning experiences, the EIT Food Learning Services course catalogue offers the learner over 50 courses, including 25 OOCs (Open Online Courses), providing a learner-centred, flexible , targeted way to help people develop the competencies they need for their personal and professional advancement.

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